Board of Directors

James App Chairman of the Board
Timothy Apple Board Member
Bill Everly, Sr. Board Member
Matthew Markunas Board Member
Malena Moore Gittler Board Member
Mark Pulaski, CPA Board Member
Walt VanNuys Board Member

Management Team

Shawn Pulford CEO
Mike Schaeffer, CPA CFO
Brian Shirk CIO
Troy Dressler Director of Operations
Bradd Everly Director of Sales and Marketing
Sarah Romansik Director of Human Resources
Tim Bower Facilities Manager
Vickie Brown Executive Assistant
Bill Everly, Jr. Business Development Manager
Schene Groom Infrastructure and Cyber Security Manager
Kevin Mislan General Manager, Stormwater Solution Source
Jodie Mitterling Corporate Office Manager
Leah Petrunak Marketing Manager
Gwendolyn Reichenbach, CPA Assistant Treasurer
Ben Reichley Public Relations Manager
Jake Shadle Credit Manager
Kevin Tanger Transportation and Safety Manager
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